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Two Timers

A Jim Sicard Production

Directed by: James Lawrence Sicard


A completely improvised, short, comedy spoof on the show 'Cheaters' starring Merritt C. Glover, Catharine Pilafas Jones, and Eric Young. Featuring Allan Edgar and Edgar The Pug. Music by Lee Marshall. David Robbins, Erica Jones, Filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Christmas Kiss

A Mandala Pictures Production


In this dark comedy, Christmas Short, with a disturbing twist...Merritt C. Glover plays Mom, and finds herself in a holiday love triangle, that even the Grinch wouldn't touch with a 33 1/2 foot pole...

The Next Osama

A Route66 Music Production


In this press release for the novel The Next Osama, Merritt C. Glover plays The Newscaster, and reports on the growing propoganda-based suspicions after the hunt for Osama Bin Laden

It Don't Mean Nothin'

By: Ghost Town Film Productions 


Just a 'quirky' little film full of 'quirky' characters and a more than 'quirky' storyline, centered around 'Duane', a used car salesman. A 'quirky' comedy, where Duane walks a thin line between love and deceit. Merritt C. Glover plays Jenny, a double agent as Duane's lover, and secretary.

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