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2010 - present

2010 - present

 voice over

 Ivana Chubbuck Technique                                                                                          Rebekah Wiggins Auditioning 1                                                                                                    Faith Hibbs-Clark C.S.A. Journey Into Yourself                                                                                                       Laura Gardner  How To Stop Acting                                                                                   Harold Guskin (Private Study) Scene Study For Film                                                                                              Jo Edna Boldin C.S.A.

Film Acting and Auditioning                                                                                       Lora Cunningham

The Actor and Dramatic Action                                                                                     Robert Benedetti Chain of Fools                                                                                                Professional Improv Team Sacred Space Scene Study                                                                               Eb Lottimer/Ebaline Films Acting for Film and TV Intensive                                                                                 Kathy Brink C.S.A. Meisner Foundations                                                                                                MIchael Mendelson Subtext for the Actor                                                                                              Hannah Macpherson Film And TV For The Actor                                                                                                  Shelly Lipkin Coaching the Actor                                                                                                                Rody Kent 

Modern and Method Acting                                                                                                 Devon Allen 9 Viewpoints By Ann Bogart                                                                                                   Kerry Sorci Basic  Combat/Sword Fighting                                                                                           Kendall Wells Beginning Voice                                                                                                              Melinda Beyers

Bachelor Of Arts in Performance (magna cum laude)                                   University of New Mexico                                                


special skills

Footprints in the Butter                         Supporting                                                 Siren Audio Studios High School Sweethearts                       Suporting                                                    Siren Audio Studios BoneCraft                                              Supporting                                                       D-Dub Software               


Horseback riding (western/intermediate), Alpine skiing, Improvisation, rock climbing, licensed driver: (standard/automatic), smoking, Tarot card reading, pagan ritual/stonework, crafting, knitting, looming, embroidery, make-up, hiphop/rave/freelance/square dancing, creative writing, drawing/visual art, mezzo-soprano, rollerblading, biking, sing Row Your Boat in a round by myself.             



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